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iRidium for Crestron
Description on the web site
Updated: 30.08.2012

iRidium for Crestron – a package of tools for visualization of Crestron control from iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac OS X, Windows based devices.

Licensing of iRidium for Crestron (more):

  • Device License Pro for Crestron – a license for a control panel. It enables conyrol of any Crestron controller.
  • Site License Pro for Crestron – a license assigned to a Crestron controller. It can be uploaded on several control panels. The license works only when there is connection with the licensed controller.

Work of iRidium with Crestron was tested on the 2nd and 3d generations of controllers.


Start Your Work with iRidium

Concepts of Work with iRidium for Crestron

   1  How It Works
   2 Import of Joins from SIMPL Windows Projects
   3 Setting up Connection to Crestron
      3.1 Switching Between the Local and Internet Connection
   4 Principles of iRidium Operation with the Crestron Controller
      4.1 Properties of Command Joins and Feedback Joins for Crestron Equipment
      4.2 Crestron Join Types
      4.3 Types of Graphic Items for Controlling Joins
      4.4 Principles of Sending Commands to Crestron Joins
      4.5 Principles of Reading the Status of Crestron Joins
   5 Emulation of Project Work
   6 Launching Projects on Control Panels

Examples of Communication with Joins of Crestron Equipment Important.png

   1 Send the Values 1 or 0 (Buttons On and Off) to Digital Joins
   2 Triggers for Switching Digital Joins
   3 Display the Digital Join value by Changing the Item State
   4 Send Values from Buttons to Analog Joins
   5 Send Values from Levels to Analog Joins
   6 Send Values from Up/Down Buttons to Analog Joins
   7 Display Numeric Values of Analog Joins on Items
   8 Display Values of Analog Joins on Uncontrolled Levels
   9 Receive Data Strings (Serial) form the Controller and Display them on Items


Arrow download.png Example for controlling Crestron equipment (project), 3.3 Mb