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IRidiumLogo blue.png developer: iRidium Ltd.
actual version: 2.2.2

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FAQ Update to i2 Control V2.2 iRidium V1.5

iRidium is the software package for controlling equipment of Residential and Commercial Automation, security and multi-media. It enables work with different automation equipment via one user interface of any complexity. The control interface can be launched on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac OS X devices.

All components of the iRidium software package are free. You can buy licenses to control automation systems.

How to start work with iRidium

iRidium for PC – development of visualization interfaces

iRidium GUI Editor
the editor of graphic interfaces
iRidium Transfer
for uploading interfaces on control panels
iRidium Gate
the software gateway for some systems
iRidium Util
the ustil software for Site licensing

Where to download? How to install? Requirements

iRidium for control panels – launch of ready interfaces

i2 Control
the client application iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X

Where to download? How to install? Requirements

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Instructions for Controlling Equipment

Driver native.png Solutions for automation

Ready solutions (drivers) for automation equipment are included in the standard iRidium data base. You can use any of them and set up control of equipment in GUI Editor. Each solution (driver) can be set up for working with the required number of variables via any visual interface.

AV & Custom Systems Crestron HDL-BUS Pro EPSNET (TECO, iNELS)
Global Cache KNX Modbus Clipsal (C-bus)
AMX KNX IP BAOS Domintell Helvar
SIP Telephony

Beta-versions: My Home, Lutron, Duotecno

Driver script.png Ready iRidium Script modules

An iRidium module is a control interface and a script driver created on the basis of "AV & Custom Systems". Ready modules are used for controlling the systems which are not included in the iRidium list of ready solution for automation. The modules are preset for sending commands and receiving feedback from equipment (see Operation Principles of iRidium Drivers. There is also a set of modules meant for improving appearance of your projects (clock, calendar, weather, etc.)

Ready iRidium Script modules iRidium Script API iRidium DDK
With iRidium you can control Sonos, iTunes, XBMC, Squeezebox, Global Cache, Dune HD, Denon, Highcross, Kramer, Russound...
and many other types of equipment. Use ready drivers or create drivers yourselves.
API (Application programming interface) - the set of classes, methods, functions and events enabling you to receive access to graphic interface items and driver system of iRidium projects to control automation systems. DDK (Driver Development Kit) - the set of development tools allowing you to create a driver for controlling any equipment. It includes the editor of Device Base, API for accessing the driver system, instructions for writing drivers and examples of ready drivers.


An iRidium license is required for the ready project to connect to the automation equipment. Without a license only the graphic part of the project and interface scripts are functional.

the process of iRidium Key activation. The result of this process is receiving iRidium license file (*.irl), which enables connection to the controlled equipment. The license file is uploaded on the control panel together with iRidium project

How to choose a license?How to buy a license?
How to activate and use a license?How to get HWID and Serial number?

Device License Ico.png

Device license It enables one panel to control the type of equipment you selected when purchasing the license. By default, any license of this type supports AV & Custom Systems.

Site License Ico.png

Site license It enables any iRidium panel to connect to one licensed controller (AMX, Crestron, KNX, KNX IP BAOS, HDL, Global Cache, Helvar). The license supports AV & Custom Systems when the controller is Online.

iRidium Academy: Trainings and Video-lessons

iRidium Academy
is an educational resource created for providing high-level knowledge for iRidium users. They can study with iRidium trainers (On-line webinars about working with iRidium) and individually (video-lessons and testing). After successful completion of the course you can be certified as "iRidium Specialist" and receive such bonuses as free licenses and sample GUIs.

On-line trainings (with trainers) Self-training (video-lessons)

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