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Updated: 19.10.2012

Attention.png This section presents instructions for work with the KNX equipment via Weinzierl KNX IP BAOS set up as "Object Server" with Datapoints.

You can read about work with KNX IP BAOS via the KNXnet/IP protocol (without Object Server) in the section KNX.

Weinzierl KNX IP BAOS (Bus Access and Object Server) is a KNX IP interface which can work with the KNX bus on the level of datapoints - KNX Application Layer) besides telegrams (KNXnet/IP). Work with datapoints allows you not to overload the bus and save data about the state of group addresses in the memory of BAOS.

  • In the Object Server mode BAOS 771 supports up to 250 datapoints (intermediate addresses for accessing the bus), BAOS 772 – up to 1000 datapoints.
  • In all modes the connection is possible via the local network or the Internet.
  • Connection to Object Server and setting up of datapoints are performed with the help of ETS.

Communication with KNX IP BAOS through the KNXnet/IP protocol is performed in accordance with the instruction: KNX (KNXnet/IP).

Advantages of work via KNX IP BAOS in the Object Server mode:

  • Simultaneous and stable connection of up to 5 control panels via TCP/IP
  • The load on the bus decreases as KNX IP BAOS returns saved variable states without any additional requests to group addresses in the bus
  • No delay of reconnection which is typical for the majority of KNX IP gateways when switching between Wi-Fi points and at disconnection with the network.
  • Site license can be used.


  • Only for KNX IP BAOS 770/771/772
  • Datapoints have to be set up and related to group addresses in ETS

Licensing of iRidium for KNX IP BAOS (more):

  • Device License Pro (KNX) – a license for a control panel. It enables control of any equipment in the KNX bus via any KNX IP gateway or router with the KNXnet/IP support, including KNX IP BAOS.
  • Site License Pro (BAOS) – a license assigned to the KNX IP BAOS 771/772 gateway set up as Object Server. It can be uploaded on several control panels. The license works only of there is connection with the licensed KNX IP BAOS.
Attention.png It is important to know that KNX IP BAOS supports not more than 5 control panels connected simultaneously . If there are more than 5 control panels, it is required to install an additional KNX IP BAOS for which you need to get a Site license.


Important.png Training (webinars and video-lessons) >> 
Start Your Work with iRidium

Setting up Connection to KNX IP BAOS via Object Server Datapoints

   1 How It Works Important.png
   2 Characteristic Features of Connection to KNX via the BAOS Protocol
   3 Preparation of Data in ETS for Their Import in iRidium Important.png
       3.1 Preparation of Projects in ETS
       3.2 Setting up Datapoints in ETS
       3.3 Import of Datapoints from ETS to iRidium
       3.3 Creation of KNX IP Routers and Lists of Datapoints in the Manual Mode
   4 Properties of Connection to KNX IP BAOS
       4.1 Connection to KNX IP BAOS in the Local Network
       4.2 Connection to KNX IP BAOS via the Internet
       4.3 Switching Between the Local and Internet Connection
    5 Controlling KNX IP BAOS Datapoints in iRidium Projects
       5.1 Driver Tokens
       5.2 Commands
       5.3 Feedbacks
   6 Emulation of Project Work
   7 Launching Projects on Control Panels

Examples of Controlling Equipment of the KNX Bus via KNX IP BAOS Important.png


Arrow download.png Project: iRidium for KNX IP BAOS (BAOS Protocol), 1024x768, 3.1 Mb
Arrow download.png Project: iRidium for KNX IP BAOS (BAOS Protocol), 2048x1536, 3.2 Mb