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GateIco.png iRidium Gate
software gateway
actual version: 2.2
iRidium Gate included in
iRidium Environment for installation on
Windows 7/8 based PC
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iRidium Gate
the universal gateway intended to expand control possibilities of some equipment types. In particular, iRidium Gate enables operation via the Internet and connection of several clients to those types of equipment supported by iRidium which cannot provide this possibility.


  • Connection of several clients to the equipment with no multi-client connection support (Modbus TCP/ASCII/RTU, KNX routers with the KNXNet/IP protocol)
  • 3G or Wi-fi connection of control panels to equipment connected to PC via COM-port (conversion of TCP to RS232 for Modbus, HDL-Bus Pro).
  • Fixing the "hanging" problem of a KNX router when connection to KNX is broken: stable connection with KNX.
  • Stable work with equipment using the UDP protocol via the Internet


You can install iRidium Gate for free on any Windows 7/8 based PC. There are no requirements to compute capacity and graphics. It is required to have a network card with acceptable(for installation tasks) capacity. For example, you can use Intel NUC PC.


iRidium Gate for KNX
iRidium Gate for Global Cache 100
iRidium Gate for HDL-BUS Pro