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iRidium for Domintell
Description on the web site
Updated: 11.07.2013

iRidium для Domintell is a package of tools for creating interfaces for controlling automation systems on the basis of Domintell equipment. iRidium enables sending and receiving data about the state of Domintell equipment.

This manual introduces only the standard way of using iRidium for controlling Domintell (without using scripts).


Start Your Work with iRidium

Setting up Communication with Domintell

1 How It works
2 Connection to Domintell
3 Switching Between Local and Internet Connections
4 Principles of Sending Commands
5 Modules with Support of Domintell Light Protocol
6 Emulation of Project Work
7 Launching Projects on Control Panels

Examples of Controlling Domintell

   1 Relays
   2 Motorized Shutters
   3 Dimmers
   4 Temperature via LCD and Sensors
   5 Other


Arrow download.png Example of controlling equipment in the Domintell system (project), 0.5 Mb