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iRidium for AMX
Description on the web site
Updated: 10.04.2014

iRidium for AMX is the package of tools for creating interfaces to control AMX equipment from iPad, iPhone, Android, OS X, Windows based control panels. iRidium enables you to upload interfaces created in TPDesign4 (AMX).

You can also use unique iRidium visualization capabilities of iRidium GUI Editor. They will help you to create state-of-the-art interfaces or improve your TP4 projects.

Attention.png iRidium works with АМХ controllers of NI and NX series

Attention.png iRidium supports import from *.TP4 files

Attention.png AMX commands supported by iRidium

@PPM-, @PPN-, @PPF-, @PPX, @PPA, @PPK-, @PPG-, PPON-, PPOF-, PPOG-
@APG-, @CPG-, @DPG-, @SSL-, @SST-, @SWK-, @AKP-, @AKR, @PKP-, AKEYB-, AKEYP-, AKEYR,
^SHO-, @SHO, ^ENA-, @ENA, ^BSF-, ^BSM-, ^BFB-, ^BML-, ^BPP-, 
^BSP-, ^BMC-, ^GIV-, ^GLH-, ^GLL-, ^GSC, ^GSN-, ^BOR-, 
^CPF-, ^APF-, ^DPF-, 
@PWD-, ^PWD-,
^TXT-, ^BAT-, ^UNI-, ^BAU-, ^ANI-, ^BMF-, ^BCB-, ^BCF-, ^BCT-, 
^BWW-, ^BRD-, ^BSO-, ^BDO-, ^JSB-, ^JSI-, ^JST-, 
^ICO-, ^BMP-, ^BOP-, ^BBR-, ^TEC-, ^TEF-, ^FON-, ^BMI-,

Commands of old types:


Attention.png AMX interface items supported by iRidium

  • Page, Popup
  • General, multi-state general, bargraph, multi-state bargraph, joystick, text input

Licensing of iRidium for AMX (more):

  • Device License Pro for AMX – a license for one control panel. It enables control of any AMX controller similarly to an AMX touch panel.
  • Site License Pro for AMX – a license assigned to an АМХ controller. It can be uploaded on several control panels. The license works only there is connection with the licensed controller.


BlackArrow Down.png Main capabilities iRidium for AMX (when using TPDesign4):

1. iRidium works as a "native" АМХ panel with AMX controllers
2. You can upload projects created in TPDesign4 on control panels without any additional editing
3. iRidium patch for TPDesign4 allows you to create a project with the required resolution in TPDesign4
4. The set of IRLB commands for АМХ allows you to set up dynamic lists directly in TPDesign4
5. One and the same iRidium project works similarly well on iOS/Windows/Android/OS X due to the iRidium multiplatformity.

6. A license for the АМХ controller (Site License) or a license for the control panel (Device License) – you can choose the one you need!

BlackArrow Down.png Advanced capabilities of iRidium for AMX (when using iRidium GUI Editor)

1. You can select the size of the project yourself – from a tiny widget for your desktop to the large-format screen
2. Powerful and simple for understanding GUI Editor and big database of graphics allow you to create projects of any level of complexity – you can scale images, clone objects, store pages, groups of buttons, etc. in Gallery.
3. You can open your old TP4 project in iRidium GUI Editor and edit it as you want. At that the graphic part and commands remain their properties.
4. Easy set up of communication with АМХ in iRidium GUI Editor. Unique system of data storing opens new possibilities of communication with the controller.
5. You can combine control of SEVERAL AMX controllers and at that the license will NOT cost more (it is important both when using Device License and Site License)!
6. Besides controlling АМХ controllers you can set up control of any other equipment supported by iRidium. Support of AV equipment (1-way) is included in the license for АМХ
7. Scripts required for controlling the project interface and AMX driver can be formed in iRidium GUI Editor without editing the controller code (in Java Script)
8. It is easy to set up switching popups with the help of gestures - "Static List" -from the project popups. Dynamic lists are formed and changed easily when using iRidium scripts or controller commands
9. One and the same iRidium project works similarly well on iOS, Android, OS X, Windows due to the nativity and multiplatformity of iRidium Apps
10. A license for the АМХ controller (Site License)or a license for the control panel (Device License)– you can choose the one you need!

Instructions: Main Variant of Using iRidium

In the main variant of using iRidium you upload your project created in TPDesign4 on the control panel WITHOUT using iRidium GUI Editor. If you use the main variant of working with iRidium for AMX you need to install only iRidium Transfer and iRidium Util included in iRidium Environment for PC.

Important.png Video-lesson: uploading AMX TPDesign4 project on iRidium 
Start Your Work with iRidium

Uploading Projects Created in AMX TPDesign4 on iRidium Control Panels

 1 Launching Projects for Controlling AMX on Control Panels Important.png
     1.1 Creating Projects
        1.1.1 "Patcher" for TPDesign4
 2 Adding and Setting up Projects in Transfer
     2.1 Setting up Properties of Connection to the AMX Controller
     2.2 Unique Properties of Connection to АМХ When Loading One Project on Different Panels
 3 Searching Panels in Transfer
 4 Receiving and Using Licenses
 5 Binding of Panels, Projects and Licenses in Transfer
 6 Uploading Projects and Licenses on Panels 
 7 Switching Between Wi-Fi and 3G
 8 Creating Dynamic Lists in TPDesign4: IRLB Commands
 9 Creating and Improving Projects for АМХ in GUI Editor Important.png

Additional Capabilities

 1 Switching Between Wi-Fi and 3G Important.png
 2 Creating Dynamic Lists in TPDesign4: IRLB Commands
 3 Activating URL-schemes in iRidium by the AMX Command
 4 Setting up АМХ Commands in iRidium GUI Editor Important.png
 5 Receiving serial numbers of AMX controllers (for Site Licenses)