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iRidium for Helvar
Description on the web site
Updated: 01.08.2013

iRidium for Helvar is a package of tools for creating interfaces for controlling automation system on the basis of Helvar equipment. iRidium enables sending and receiving data about the state of devices in the Helvar system. iRidium uses HelvarNet (TCP), HelvarNet (UDP), HelvarNet Internal (UDP), Helvar AV (RS232) protocols for communication with the system.

This manual introduces only the standard way of using iRidium for controlling Helvar equipment (without using scripts).

Licensing of iRidium for Helvar (more):

  • Device License Pro (Helvar) – a license for a control panel. It enables control of Helvar equipment via a DIGIDIM router.
  • Site License Pro (Helvar) – a license assigned to a DIGIDIM IP router. It can be uploaded on several control panels. The license works only if there is connection with the licensed router.
Attention.png Site licenses can be used only when working with DIGIDIM routers via the protocols HelvarNet (TCP), HelvarNet (UDP). They will provide unlimited number of connections in the local network (UDP) and one connection to the router via the Internet (TCP).


Start Your Work with iRidium

Setting up Communication with Helvar

   1 How It Works
   2 Ways of Connection to the Helvar System
       2.1  HelvarNet (TCP) Protocol
       2.2 HelvarNet (UDP) Protocol
       2.3 HelvarNet Internal (UDP) Protocol
       2.4 Helvar AV (RS232) Protocol
   3 Switching Between the Local and Internet Connection
   4 Principles of Sending Commands to Helvar
   5 Emulation of Project Work
   6 Launching Projects on Control Panels

Controlling Equipment in the Helvar System

   1 Controlling Devices and Groups
       1.1 "Direct Level (Device/Group)" - Setting up and Requesting the Status
           1.1.1 Setting up Values by Button
           1.1.2  Setting up Values by Level, Trigger Button and Up/Down Buttons
       1.2 "Recall Scene (Device/Group)" - Activating Scenes
       1.3 "Direct Proportion (Device/Group)" – Setting up Proportions
       1.4 "Modify Proportion (Device/Group)" – Modifying Proportions
   2 Requests and Emergency Checking
       2.1 "Query Load Level" - Requesting the Device State
       2.2 "Query Device State" - Requesting Device Parameters (Flags)


Arrow download.png Project: Control of Helvar equipment, 1.5 Mb
Arrow download.png Project: Control of Helvar equipment with notifications, 1.5 Mb