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GuiEditorIco.png iRidium GUI Editor
graphical user interface editor
actual version: 2.2
iRidium GUI Editor included in
iRidium Environment for installation on
Windows 7/8 based PC
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iRidium GUI Editor
the application for creating control interfaces for automation systems, configuring drivers and equipment used in automation projects and writing custom drivers with the help of IRidium DDK. It is responsible for setting up connection between graphic and driver parts of iRidium projects (iRidium Project).

For creating unique and user-friendly graphic interfaces in iRidium GUI Editor you can use ♦ Sample GUIs for iRidium GUI Editor

Before reading the instruction, please take
the training course on working with iRidium GUI Editor (online or video)


Start Your Work with iRidium

 1 Preparations for Work with iRidium
 2 Stages of Working on Projects
 3 Instructions About Creating and Launching Projects
 4 Terms and Definitions

General Settings of iRidium GUI Editor

1 Tool Box and the GUI Editor Interface
2 Settings of GUI Editor Workspace
3 Settings of the GUI Editor Tools
4 Settings for Lunching Projects in GUI Editor
  4.1 Changing of the Project Resolution (Scaling)
5 Editor Hot Keys
6 Emulation of Project Work

Creating the Graphic Part of iRidium Projects

1 New iRidium Projects
2 Graphic Items
  2.1 Creating Graphic Items (Draw Item)
  2.2 General Properties of Graphic Items
  2.3 Types of Graphic Items
    2.3.1 Button
    2.3.2 Level
    2.3.3 Multistate Button
    2.3.4 Multistate Level
    2.3.5 List
    2.3.6 Up/Down Button
    2.3.7 Trigger Button
    2.3.8 Edit Box
    2.3.9 Virtual key
    2.3.10 Joystick
    2.3.11 Static List
3 Graphic and Sound Galleries
  3.1 Graphic Galleries
  3.2 Sound Galleries
  3.3 Importing Objects to Gallery
4 Working with Images
  4.1 Background Images
  4.2 Main Item Images, Icons
  4.3 Chameleon Image
5 Creating Visualization Effects
  5.1 Effects on Pressings
  5.2 «Fast Effects»
  5.3 Creating Animation
6 Project Pages and Popup Pages
  6.1 Creating New Pages and Popup Pages
  6.2 Switching Between Pages and Popups
  6.3 Start Page
  6.4 Project Screensaver
  6.5 Password for Opening Pages (Popups)
  6.6 Scaling of Pages and Items
7 Macro Commands (Macros Editor)
  7.1 Receiving Video from IP Cameras
  7.2 Weather Informers
  7.3 URL-schemes: Hyperlinks, Commands to OS
8 Optimization of the Project Graphic Part
9. Merging iRidium Projects

Working with Equipment

1 Tools for Working with Controlled Equipment
2 Adding New Devices
  2.1 Commands
  2.2 Feedback
3 Tokens - Variables of the Project Device Tree
  3.1 System Tokens
  3.2 Project Tokens
  3.3 Driver Tokens
4 Settings for Connection to Equipment
5 Creating Commands and Status Channels
6 Relations between Commands, Channels and the Project Graphic Part
7 Macros for Equipment
8 Displaying Status of Variables on Items
9 Notifications about System Events

Sample GUIs for iRidium GUI Editor

On the iRidium mobile web site you can get ready visualization interfaces. On their basis you can set up control of any iRidium supported equipment:

Download sample iRidium GUIs

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Solving Problems of GUI Editor Work

Attention.png If Emulator of iRidium GUI Editor doesn’t control the set up equipment, check that the license for Emulator is added in Tools > Options. Read more >>

Attention.png If GUI Editor works slowly and consumes much memory, check that you work using the render DirectX in Tools > Options > Showing. Read more >>

Attention.png If iRidium GUI Editor cannot be launched and writes "List index out of bounds (1)" – go to the register (Execute > regedit) and remove HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\iRidium mobile Ltd.\iRidium\2\GUI

Attention.png If at project Emulation all fonts suddenly disappeared it is possible that you renamed or moved somewhere the initial project file. If you try to save such a file the fonts can be damaged. In this case you have to open the *.irpz project as a ZIP archive and delete the Fonts folder in the archive. At the next launch everything will be all right.

Important.png If you cannot find a link to the stream from the IP-camera or DVR, use open resources. Read more >>

Important.png You opened one popup and the other one closed automatically. It is how Popup Groups work in the alternative tree of pages. Read more >>

Important.png You created Static List but buttons cannot be pressed when scrolling it. Use the Release event instead of Press and try not to use Trigger Button.

Important.png The command from the Move event is sent too often. Add Delay(100) ms before it and the command will be sent once in 100 ms. You can also select another interval. Read more >>

Important.png You wrote a text in the item but it is not shown. Check that you write the text in the required State of the item and the text color is not transparent (see Text Color > the slider to the right: 255)

Important.png You output the value on the item but it is shown as 0.00000. Change the tag "In Text" when assigning to the graphic item to In Value. In the text field write $V or another template. Read more >>

Important.png You assigned a command to the button and it doesn’t work. Make sure that the events Active Touch or Bounding Box are indicated in the button settings (General > Hit). If you indicated Pass Through – the button will be "transparent", non-clickable. Read more >>