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iRidium for
Global Cache
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Updated: 24.09.2014

Global Cache network adapters allows you to transmit commands received via TCP/IP by IR and RS232 channels. The range of GC products also includes different sensors and dry contact modules.

With the help of Global Cache it is possible to control any AV equipment with IR sensors or control СОМ-port: DVD/BluRay players, iTunes, XBMC, commutators, matrix, preamplifiers – from any device: iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac OS X.

The built-in iRidium script language helps to process data received from the СОМ-port of the controlled device connected through Global Cache.

Variants of using “iRidium for AV & Custom Systems”:

  • Without feedback - the simplest way. You need to form the list of commands for sending them to equipment via IR or RS232.
    • The list of IR commands can be created with the help of Global Cache IR Database in iRidium or by learning them with the help of the IR remote control.
    • Commands for the COM port are formed as strings or HEX codes in the editor.
  • With feedback from AV – you need to create the list of commands and script for processing ingoing data from AV equipment. It is mostly used when working via RS232. iRidium Script API and iRidium DDK are used for working with scripts.

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Licensing of iRidium for Global Cache (more):

  • Device License Pro (AV & Custom Systems) – a license for a control panel. It enables control of AV equipment via any Global Cache converter (and via several of those at a time)
  • Site License Pro (Global Cache) – a license assigned to a Global Cache converter. It can be uploaded on several control panels. The license works only if there is connection with the licensed Global Cache module.
Attention.png It is important to know that a Global Cache iTach converter can support not more than 4 control panels at a time. A GC-100-XX converter can support only 1 connection at a time.
Start Your Work with iRidium

Controlling Equipment via IR and RS232. Sensors and Dry Contacts

Global Cache: Control via IR
converters TCP/IP to IR (GC-100-06, GC-100-12, iTach IP2IR, iTach WF2IR)
Global Cache: Control via RS232
converters TCP/IP to RS232 (GC-100-06, GC-100-12, iTach IP2SL, iTach WF2SL)
Global Cache: Relay Control 
converters TCP/IP to dry contact (GC-100-12, iTach IP2СС, iTach WF2СС)
Global Cache: Sensors
Receiving the status of Global Cache sensors (GC-100-06, GC-100-12, iTach IP2IR, iTach WF2IR)

Connection of Several Control Panels to One GC-100-ХХ

iRidium Gate for Global Cache 100
supports multi-client connection with GC-100-06 orGC-100-12