Examples of Controlling Equipment of the KNX Bus via KNX IP BAOS

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Control of equipment of the KNX Bus through KNX IP BAOS routers (+Datapoints) and standard KNX IP routers is performed similarly. Please use "Examples of controlling equipment of the KNX bus".

The difference in the setting up of intermediate addresses (Datapoints) and Group Addresses is in the way of addressing and having the additional Command field:

  1. A group address consists of 3 parts (x/y/z). An Intermediate address has only one part (x).
    Consistency between group and intermediate addresses is made on the level of ETS.
    Intermediate addresses are used for sending commands from control panels to group addresses. They are intermediate layers which provide saving of the current state of the group addresses, their control and updating of the address state in real time.
  2. The Command property is the way to affect the intermediate address by the control panel. There are different types of commands but you can always use «Set value and send on bus»

The command of referring to the intermediate address (Datapoint, 1-bit):

BAOS add command Relay 1.png
Name a command name (set at random)
Type the data type the commands operates
SubType the data subtype (value limits and measurement units)
Address the Datapoint number
Command the command to Datapoint. Always use «Set value and send on bus»

Other project intermediate addresses are set up similarly. Please read about controlling the bus using the example of group addresses (settings of commands for BAOS Datapoints will be identical!) here:

Examples of controlling equipment of the KNX bus>>>