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Ready-made iRidium Script modules are projects for controlling different AV equipment and Media Servers. They include a user interface, the AV & Custom Systems driver and script files which enable two-way communication with controlled equipment.

You need Device License Pro for AV & Custom Systems to enable work of iRidium script modules on your control panel. It enables communication with controlled equipment.

Download: Ready-made iRidium Script modules
downloaded modules can be uploaded on control panels and used for controlling AV
Instructions: how to work with script modules
how to launch script modules on your iOS/Windows/Android/OS X device, how to change the module style
Participate in testing
you can leave your comments and requests for development of new modules on iRidium Forum

To learn how to create your own script modules and understand the principles of their work see the following sections

iRidium Script API and iRidium DDK
You can learn how to use iRidium Script in iRidium Academy

iRidium mobile Team is constantly working on creation of new modules and you can help us to enlarge our base of script modules:

  • Leave your feedback about work of ready-made iRidium script modules – it will help us to improve the quality of the base
  • Send the script module you created to Forum. Other installers will be able to use it.
  • Send us the description of the protocol for the system you are interested in and we will include it in the development plan.