Requirements to PC and Control Devices

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Requirements to PC for Working with iRidium

  • Microsoft Windows XP/7/8 OS
  • Not less than 2 Gb RAM
  • Not less than 1 Gb of free space on HDD
  • 3D-video adapter with memory not less than 512 Mb

Important! It is required to start iRidium components on PC under Administrator account or using Administrator rights for correct work.

Important! The correct work of iRidium components is not guaranteed when working on Windows OS Emulator (for example, WineHQ). iRidium licenses might not work due to changing of virtual machine HWID .

Important! When hard disks of your PC work in the RAID array, every time it generates new HWID. Do not activate licenses for your PC with the RAID array, this mode should be turned off.

Important! If video card drivers do not support OpenGL (for Windows XP) and DirectX 10 (for Windows 7/8) there might be errors when displaying graphics. Update your video card drivers if the graphics is displayed incorrectly.

Requirements to Control Panels for Working with iRidium

At the moment iRidium Apps operate on the following types of control panels:

  • Apple iOS based devices - V6 and later: iPad (later than the 1st), iPhone (3Gs and later), iPod touch (4 generation and later)
  • Windows 7/8 based devices: PCs, monoblocks, tablet computers
  • Android OS based devices – V2.3 and later: smartphones and tablet computers (your device should have a GPS module and an SD-card)
  • OS X based devices: OS X 10.5 Leopard and later (Mac Mini, iMac, MacPro, MacBook)
You can see the list of iRidium Apps and select the suitable application here