Update to i2 Control V2.2

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Update of iRidium applications to V2.2 will allow you to use its capabilities both in new and ready projects. Among new capabilities:

  • Project update by HTTP(s) links
  • Project update by reading QR-codes
  • Coding of .irpz files - it will allow you to protect all data inside the project
  • Support of MxPeg (Audio+Video) cameras for Mobotix equipment
  • Tools Panel for fast drawing
  • New driver for Global Caché
  • New Global Caché base of IR commands
  • Major graphics improvement (Retina interfaces work faster)

and other functional improvements described in "Change log".

Update to iRidium V2.2 is different from previous ones as you need to install new iRidium Environment on PC and install a NEW iRidium application from AppStore or GooglePlay. It is called "i2 Control V2.2" and it is available as well as the previous i2 Control application in the application stores of Apple и Android:


  • Download the application for iPad/iPhone from AppStore
  • Download the application for Android from GooglePlay

Why do I need the new application? Why can’t I update the previous one?!

Firstly, we want your customers who use i2 Control 2.0/2.1 avoid the necessity of update. It is important as iRidium is one of the most multisided visualization solutions and V2.2 contains a lot of changes. We want to be sure that none of the changes affects your finished project no matter how complex it is.
Release of the new application aims for iRidium users to avoid problem of switching.
For future visualization projects the best choice is iRidium v.2.2.

Secondly, we made i2 Control V2.2 FASTER for working with Retina projects. проектами. Acceleration is reached by randomizing the project graphics. But on some outdated devices and in the projects where VERY voluminous textures (dozens of big images on one page, very big lists and static lists) are used randomizing can have a negative effect (if the device ran out of memory for storing cache). There can be a significant loss of graphics speed comparing to V2.1.
There are not so many projects with voluminous textures collected on one page but we want iRidium to work fast (and faster) for all our users.

Will I need a new license for iOS? Will HWID change?

You will NOT need to update the license! If you have i2 Control installed on your iPad/iPhone, go to the AppStore and install i2 Control V2.2. After that you can delete the old application or leave it with the older project version. Both applications will have the same HWID.
Avoid removing all iRidium application from your iOS device: first install the new one and only then delete the old application.
Remember that i2 Control V2.2 for iOS ( iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) will change HWID if you delete the application and then install it again! Install one more application of the same developer (iRidium mobile) on your iOS device (for example, i2 Control and i2 Control V2.2 for HWID not to change at deletion of one of the applications.

Do I have to update to V2.2?

If a project is ready and doesn’t need any improvements, then it is not necessary to switch to the new version.
If you want to improve an old project or start working on a new one, it is a good idea to update as full support is provided only for the current iRidium version.

How can I transfer my project to the new application?

Install new iRidium Environment on your PC and new i2 Control V2.2 on your control panel. You don’t need to change the project – just upload it in i2 Control V2.2 with the help of iRidium Transfer. For remote upload it is convenient to use the QR-code reader which is available in the application installed from AppStore or GooglePlay.