SIP Telephony

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SIP Telephony
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Updated: 12.09.2013

The SIP driver in iRidium is implemented based on the client audio part of the signal protocol SIP. In order for iRidium to function as a "receiver" you need to have a setup PBX (IP-АТС) server commutating calls.

For video iRidium has a separate function.

Important.png SIP and Сameras on your iOS/Windows/Android/OS X device
do not require licensing. It is a free function.


The setup iRidium SIP client can connect to other clients (for example, iRidium panels, IP phones, IP Intercom) via a PBX server.

You can call and receive calls from remote devices in foreground mode.

Not supported: receiving calls on iOS from remote devices, if the app is minimized for a long period of time. If the app is minimized for a short period of time demonstration of notifications and receiving calls on iOS is possible.
Supported: receiving calls on Android from remote devices, if the app is minimized for a long period of time.
For Windows and Mac work in the minimized and maximized mode is similar.

The most frequently used PBX (IP-АТС) servers are the following:

  • 3cx (Windows)
  • AsteriskNow (Linux, Windows)
  • FreePBX (Linux)
  • Elastix (Linux)

There is a possibility of integration with hardware PBX, IP phones or IP Intercom. We tested the following ones:

Supported SIP audio codecs:

  • PCMU (M-Law)
  • PCMA (A-Law)
  • GSM


In this section the setting up of SIP client in iRidium is described:

Start Your Work with iRidium

Setting up SIP Telephony in iRidium

   1 Setting up SIP Servers
   2 Working with the Ready-made iRidium Module for SIP
   3 Properties of Connection to SIP Servers
       3.1  Description of the SIP Driver Commands
       3.2 Notifications on iOS in the iRidium SIP Module


SoftPhone (iPad, iPhone) Intercom (iPad, iPhone) Mobotix Phone (iPad, iPhone)
SIP MainPhone.png SIP Intercom.png SIP Mobotix.png
download >> download >> download >>

* The interfaces are presented in two standard resolutions: iPad Retina (2048x1536) and iPhone 5 (1136x640). The interfaces can be scaled in iRidium GUI Editor to the required resolution and can be used on any control panel on the basis of iOS, Android, Windows or Mac.

The interfaces are in English but all text field are available for editing.

SoftPhone is a software phone which can be used for intercom. It includes the list of calls (incoming, outcoming, missed), the phone book, the page for displaying video from the IP camera, the tool for changing settings of connection to the SIP server. Subscribers can be called by dialing their number on the keyboard or by selecting their name in the phone book.

Intercom is a phone configured for simple and fast use. It has to be preset for calling particular subscribers. It will work best for intercom of a house, office, big apartment. If it is required you can add the page for displaying video from the IP camera.

Mobotix is an interface configured for SIP servers and Mobotix (T24, T25) call panels. It is possible to call to call panels and receive calls from any subscriber. Preset Mobotix IP camera (you need to change only its IP-address and security details: login and password), preset HTTP commands** for opening doors and turning on/off the light controlled by the call panel.

** the HTTP driver, unlike SIP, requires "Device License Pro for AV & Custom Systems" for work