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iRidium for AV & Custom Systems
the package of tools for setting up equipment which is not included in the standard iRidium database: all Audio/Video equipment, format converters and any other elements of automation systems.
The AV & Custom Systems driver enables sending of any commands in any format (ASCII, HEX, DEC) using any type of transport for it (TCP, UDP, HTTP, RS232). 2-way communication with AV equipment is performed with the help of ready-made modules and iRidium Script.


iRidium for AV & Custom Systems (Audio-Video, converters and elements of automation systems) allows you to control any equipment with Ethernet-ports or Wi-Fi modules using the UDP network protocol. Control panels are connected to the equipment directly and there is no need in any additional hardware (server). This way of control provides maximum flexibility of the system due to the possibility of direct connection to the equipment of your automation system, simultaneous control from several panels and work via the Internet.

You can find examples of integration with equipment controlled via IP in the section Ready iRidium Script modules and in the base of ready iRidium drivers (iRidium GUI Editor).

The freely configured driver AV & Custom Systems (HTTP) provides the following advantages when communicating with equipment:

  • Ready modules for controlling most popular Audio-Video equipment (Ready iRidium Script modules)
  • Two-way communication with equipment due to iRidium Script tools
  • Constantly growing base of ready drivers in the data base of GUI Editor
  • Simultaneous connection of several control panels to equipment
  • Controlling equipment via the Internet


Description of iRidium for AV & Custom Systems

   1 How iRidium Expands Capabilities of Controlling Automation Systems
   2 How It Works
   3 Install the iRidium Software Package on PC
   4 Install iRidium App on Control Panels
   5 Create Projects
   6 Receive Licenses
   7 Launching Projects on Control Panels

AV & Custom Systems: Control via HTTP

   1 Principles of Controlling Equipment via HTTP
   2 Adding HTTP Commands to iRidium Data Base
       2.1 Creating New Files of iRidium Data Base
       2.2 Creating New HTTP Devices
       2.3 Setting Up HTTP Devices
       2.4 Syntax HTTP Commands
   3 Adding HTTP Devices to iRidium Projects