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i2 Control V2.2 is a client application inside which you can launch iRidium visualization interface.

i2 Control V2.2 can be installed on PCs, tablets or smart phones on the base of Windows 7/8 .

The iRidium visualization project can be launched on Windows only in the i2 Control V2.2 application.

The visualization project can be changed only in iRidium GUI Editor on PC.

Installation of i2 Control V2.2

The application is available for installation in the following variants:

1. i2 Control V2.2 included on the iRidium Environment for PC

Download and install it from the web site. The application is available in the menu "Start > All Programs > iRidium Mobile 2 > iRidium.exe"

2. "Emulator" in iRidium GUI Editor

The client for project testing opened in the editor. More >>>


3. The *.exe file with resources. It can be used without installation of the application.

Create an executing file with the help of iRidium Transfer. It can be copied in any PC directory and launched from the folder using the tag mark (see the image).

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Upload of Projects and Licenses in i2 Control V2.2

The project can be uploaded on the control panel from PC with the help of iRidium Transfer or by the link from the remote resource (НТТР/HTTPs). The i2 Control V2.2 application supports upload of several projects.

Uploading projects in i2 Control V2.2
Fast upload of iRidium projects on control panels from iRidium Transfer on the local PC
Remote upload of projects in i2 Control V2.2
Updating projects via the Internet with the help of links, QR-codes, iRidium Transfer
Upload of several projects and licenses on one control panel
Solving problems with project upload and panel search
Reasons and ways of solving problems with project upload and panel search

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i2 Control V2.2 Settings

Access to the i2 Control V2.2 settings:

а. With the help of the command from iRidium Transfer

  • Make sure the i2 Control V2.2 application is launched on the control panel
  • Start iRidium Transfer, select the control panel, click it with the right mouse button
  • Select the item "Show System Menu" – the settings window will open in i2 Control V2.2

b. By clicking the F8 button

  • Launch i2 Control V2.2 on Windows, click the F8 button on the keyboard
  • Input the password: 2007

c. By holding the cursor on the screen * it can be deactivated in the i2 Control V2.2 settings

  • Launch i2 Control V2.2, hold the cursor in any area of the project where there are no active buttons (background, area between buttons, etc.)
  • Hold the cursor (or finger) for 10 seconds
  • Input the password: 2007

i2 Control V2.2 settings:

IOSApp Settings0.png
Settings of the i2 Control V2.2 application available for editing during project work.
IOSApp Settings1.png
Settings of project update on the control panel.

Host – the IP-address of the PC from which the update is performed. It will be written at "Search" of control panels in iRidium Transfer automatically.

Port – the ТСР port for updating iRidium projects. It is not recommended to change it! If you need to change Update Port, do it in the Transfer settings.

Enable – activate/deactivate the project update function on the control panel.

Update Now – start the project update from the indicated Host:Port

IOSApp Settings2.png
Password 1 - Password 4 - passwords for accessing project pages. They can be changed for the project version uploaded on the panel. When using passwords it is recommended to disable the option of entering the menu "on hold" in the tab Info (Enable System Menu > Off)
IOSApp Settings3.png
Disable NPot texture – it disable support of textures which cannot be divided by 2. On the outdated video cards it gives graphics performance improvement by increasing the required memory of the 3D accelerator.
IOSApp Settings4.png
Scale Type – the way of project scaling (if the project resolution differs from the screen resolution)
  • None – not to scale (display with the initial resolution)
  • Proportional – to scale considering proportions of the initial project
  • Full Size – to scale to the screen size without considering proportions of the initial project

Custom position X:[] Y:[] – the position of the application window at launch

Fullscreen – to launch in the full-screen mode

No Frame – to launch the application window without the frame

RTL text support – to activate/deactivate support of RTL fonts

Always on top – to open over all windows

Show Cursor – to show the cursor in the application window. It is usually deactivated on all-in-one PCs and touch tablets.

Always Powered Display – if the system is inactive, the monitor will not switch off, even when its switching off if set up in the Windows energy saving settings

IOSApp Settings5.png
Drivers in the project. The settings of connection to equipment can be changed in the driver list.
IOSApp Settings6.png
Enable Mouse – to enable input with the help of the mouse

Enable Touch – to enable input with the help of the touch screen

IOSApp Settings7.png
Volume – the sound volume in the application

Mute – turn on/off the sound in the application

IOSApp Settings8.png
Remote Debugging. It sends the log of i2 Control V2.2 work to the remote PC with the installed Syslog server. The server address and logging depth are set up.

Show FPS – to show the speed of interface update (frames per second)

Show License Message – to show/hide the message informing that the project is working without a license.

Enable System Menu – to enable/disable activation of the i2 Control V2.2 settings by holding a finger in the application window.

Version... – the i2 Control V2.2 version.

HWID... – the identifier of the panel. It is used at licensing.

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Emulator in iRidium GUI Editor

Emulator is a client application i2 Control V2.2 in iRidium GUI Editor. It allows you to check project work without uploading the project on the control panel.

The emulator can use the license for your PC to connect to equipment.

More about Emulator:

Emulator use, licensing and characteristic features

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